Convention Pics: 2003 - 2009

at the signing table
With Erin Gray Gino Crognale makes up Lenny Lies for Reign cover. two Lens Lenny lies (Dawn) Mr Buckethead Mr Buckethead gets the pretty girls  
Friends With Mike Gornick George Kosana (Night) Russ Streiner (night) With Mike Christopher With Billy With David (Dawn) With Jim (Dawn) With Joe Pilato (Day)
With Mark (Day) With Gary (Day) Michael and Lenny Judith O'dea (Night) Sharon (Dawn) This guy looks like Christopher Reeves    

Dawn of the Dead Tour at the Monroeville Mall: 2003

            Jim Krut    
Lenny lies

Ken Foree...


Home Life 2009 - 2012

with my son, Adam
and brothers, David
and Paul

My Wife Carol

In my Living room With Grandson, Turk My Jeep        

Location Scout for Reign of the Dead: Outbreak: 2004


Tower garage

Street traveling underground in front of tower

Church beside tower

Tower (front)
Trump World Tower                

Erie Horror Fest: 2012

With Sharon
(Nurse zombie in Dawn)
Sharon and Leonard
The Machete Zombie
Machete in the head With Kyra (Night) With Joe and Nick (Dawn)