The first book written in the series
Originally published in 2001. Available through Severed Press

Reign of the Dead- Revised Updated and Reloaded

Book 1
A strange virus causes the recently dead to rise with an insatiable desire to eat the living. The epidemic is worldwide and quickly rises to catastrophic proportions as civilization collapses under the burden of a horror unmatched in human history.

The survivors at a rescue center must work together to find a way to make it through the waking nightmare, but time is running out and there's more to worry about than the reanimated corpses filling the streets and parking lots of our cities..

Reign of the Dead is an apocalyptic tale of survival and heroics in the face of mankind's greatest challenge.

I could feel the passion in Len Barnhart's Reign of the Dead. I encourage everyone to go find it." -Max Brooks, World War Z

"Reign of the Dead is not just another mindless gore-fest. Barnhart does deliver plenty of graphic and gruesome violence, but these choice scenes are well-placed throughout and are tinged with an underlying thread of conspiracy and madness. The tightly woven storyline pits the survivors in a desperate struggle against an infestation of undead adversaries, as well as their fellow man." - Dark Realms Magazine.

"A solid character driven story with gut wrenching, 3-D zombies. A quick read that will have readers salivating for more...a true page turner." -Leonard Lies aka Machete Zombie, Dawn of the Dead....Buy Now

The second book in the series
Originally published in 2003. Available through Severed Press

Reign of the Dead 2 Apocalypse end- Revised Updated and Reloaded

Mankind is an endangered species.
The dead walk and the living search for a refuge from the waking nightmare.

Strap on your weapons and reinforce your means of travel. In Reign of the Dead the apocalypse had just begun. Apocalypse End is part two in a four-part story.

The world now belongs to the rotting corpses of a lost civilization. Bearing little resemblance to their lost humanity, they hunt for warm-blooded prey to satisfy an overpowering urge to consume living flesh.

As Jim workman continues his quest for other survivors, he is again confronted with the realization that there is more to fear than death. He encounters a Militia led by a ruthless radical. They are a group of survivalists, prepared for anything and their numbers are great. They are the last vestiges of a corrupt anti-establishment that stands in the way of a new beginning for mankind.

No stone is left unturned and no question is left unanswered in Reign of the Dead: Apocalypse En....Buy Now

The Third book, a prequel to the series
Originally published in 2008. Available through Severed Press

Timeline: Today. 1:24 A.M. Manhattan, New York.
Doctor Adam Riker and his staff work frantically to save the dying victims of an Interstate pileup only to discover that death is no longer the final rest.
In a back alley across town, Duane Rogers and Chuck Longfellow watch from the shadows as street gangs clash in a deadly battle.

New York City is home to eight million people. An unexplained plague descends on the city's inhabitants and spreads exponentially, leaving no safe place for survivors. Overnight most of its inhabitants will be dead or something far worse. No corner of the Earth is unaffected and precious little time remains as civilization and the forces of reason collapse. Death no longer rests in peace...It rises and walks with evil purpose to destroy all of mankind.

Reign of the Dead: Outbreak is the long-awaited prequel to Reign of the Dead and Apocalypse End. The final installment to the four part series is titled: Tribulation and is due in 2013.....
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of the
Extinction Event

The final installment to the series: a sequel to Outbreak
We come full circle when Sarah, Chuck, Duane and the others find their journey from New York to Virginia a dangerous one.

Martial Law, death camps, a population out of control and more walking corpses than you can shake a machete at roam the countryside.

When our fleeing group encounter a biker gang, their ability to fight the undead improves, but their trip is a long one and the club is prone to take unnecessary chances to further their own goals.

Reign of the Dead: "Extinction Event" is the last book in the groundbreaking series and promises to be the most action packed of the four.
Look for it late 2017 in paperback and Kindle