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  Paydirt Hall of Fame

  Players, Commissioners, and Coaches

  Season 24 Inductees
Brian Urlacher: Browns
One of the best Linebackers to ever play the game. The Browns will certainly miss this player.
Commissioner: Jim Hatzis
Jim has some big shoes to fill. He was a micro-manager. And he managed every detail with precision. Nothing got by him. He treated owners fairly and evenly. He fine-tuned the PFL and set new standards that we will be following for a long time. Jim Hatzis is without a doubt the best Commissioner the Online gaming world has seen. This is his second nomination to this exclusive club.
  Season 21 Inductees
Web design and support/Coach: Michael (Odawg) Moser
Michael was one of our first team owners. He won a Super Bowl with the 49ers in a blowout over the Seattle Seahawks. Michael is still considered to be one of Madden's elite coaches, even though he is for the most part, out of the game. But the main reason Michael is in our PFL Hall of Fame is because of what he has meant to the success of this league. I am not certain we would have survived without him. Michael is like that country doctor you call in the middle of the night who begrudgingly pulls himself out of bed at 3 A.M. to go help a sick patient. In this case the patient was the PFL. I cannot count the times this man came to this league's rescue. We cannot thank him enough, but we can give him all the respect he deserves. Thank you Michael!
Coach/Commissioner: Jim Hatzis
Jim is, at the time of this writing, the current Commissioner of the PFL, but this induction is for his coaching ability. In the end, Jim could end up being the only person inducted into the PFL Hall of Fame twice!
Where do I start? ... He's the best. That is first and foremost. And he does it without the best talent. As a Dolphins fan, he has been forced to 'make do' every season with the talent he has had. That hasn't stopped him from going to five straight Super Bowls and winning three. But this is not an assessment confined to the PFL. Jim is widely known for his ability to game plan, and win
If you know Jim, you know he is honest and to the point. This has served him well in his Commissioner's duties. Right now he is in his second season as such and it appears he is going to do as well with that as he does coaching. Jim was one of our coaches in the early days. He was away for a little while and we were happy to finally have him back...Very happy indeed. He is doing a fantastic job as our new Commissioner.
Commissioner/Coach: Mark Fritz
Commissioner of the PFL for many seasons, Coach of the Philadelphia Eagles. As a coach, his Eagles were never out of the playoff hunt and winning the NFC East was pretty much a gimme. His style of play had defenses scrambling to build their secondary. Mark was one of the PFL's elite coaches.
As the Commissioner Mark relentlessly kept on task. His dedication to the league and his honesty when doing so did not go unnoticed. Thank you Mark for dedicating so much of your time for so long. We are better because of you.
QB Brett Favre: Miami Dolphins
Brett Favre may be known best for showing his 'goods' (Mostly on the field), and for his indecision about retirement. Paydirt admin counted a total of 163 retirement speeches, 140 of which he wept openly and expressed his desire to have a 300 foot statue of his....self 'erected' in his honor.
On the field, he was a legend. Brett Favre played in all 21 previous Paydirt seasons for various teams and easily earns the honor of being a Paydirt Football League hall of fame member.
LB Ray Lewis: Baltimore Ravens
One of the greatest linebackers to ever play the game. Was the centerpiece for the Ravens defense for many years. Opposing teams had to know where he was on the field at all times.
WR Hines Ward: Pittsburgh Steelers
Clutch play receiver. Helped the Steelers to the SuperBowl. Was a part of the PFL for many seasons.
Ladainian Tomlinson: NY Jets
In his later years, Ladainian Tomlinson slowed down a bit, but for many seasons he was a player you had to game plan for. His great talent opened up the passing game.
TE Tony Gonzalez: Atlanta Falcons
Simply the best tight end to ever play in the PFL. A great pass-catching tight end and good at both run blocks and pass blocks.
LB London Fletcher: Washington Redskins
Anchored the Redskins defense. Solid against the run and the pass. London Fletcher simply didn't have a bad game in him.
  Season 14 Inductees
Coach: Jim Kargen
If any of you know Jim, you are blessed. Jim was one of the few team owners that had been with us since the ECCFL days when we used FBPro'98. He was a part of the league (ECCFL, PFL) a total of 21 seasons (1997-2007) Jim was the kind of owner you wished your league was full of. Class act all the way. We thank Jim for his contribution to the PFL.
Coach: Kyle Kroft
Without sounding like a broken record, Another example of a fine addition to the league. Kyle was a part of the league for a long time. In that time he appeared in more Super Bowls than any other PFL member. He won 2 Super Bowls and was a part of 2 others. Thank you Kyle for setting the bar.
  Season 9 Inductees
Coach: Dave Dawson, Oakland Raiders Season 1 - 10
68 Regular season Wins 92 regular season loses
The only coach the PFL Raiders knew for 10 seasons. Dave was the perfect team owner. No one commanded more trust, respect and admiration than Dave Dawson.  We will sorely miss him.
WR Joey Galloway. Dallas Cowboys WR Added Season 10
Galloway played his entire PFL Career for the Dallas Cowboys.  Even though he was only the #2 wideout talent-wise, he was often the leading WR in catches.  Without Galloway's steady gameplay on the field Dallas will struggle with the passing game.
Chad Brown, Cincinnati Bengals LB - Added Season 10
Solid against the pass and run, Brown played for several teams before settling in with the Bengals again for his final season.
QB Trent Green, Jacksonville QB - Added Season 10
At the end of his career, Green was traded to the Jaguars who were in need of a pick up at the QB position.  His steady nerves and accuacy helped earn him a place in the PFL Hall of Fame.


LB Junior Seau, Indianapolis Colts - added season 7
When thinking of the ultimate  linebacker, only Lawrence Taylor comes to mind before Junior Seau. His long career has been a day-to-day demonstration in excellence.
FS Darrin Woodson, Dallas Cowboys - added season 7
A player with class. Woodson never drew attention to himself other than with his stellar play. A great tacckler
RB Jerome Bettis, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
If it's third and short get out of the way or be prepared to get bulldozed!  They didn't call him the bus for nothing. Bettis was a ball-buster. Hard to stop near the goal line.

Season 8 Inductees

RB Emmitt Smith, Chicago Bears - Added season 6
Emmitt Smith is the Current PFL rushing champion, but that will change soon. What else can be said about Smith that hasn't already been said.  There's no other player in this game that would sacrifice his body harder than Emmitt.
DE Bruce Smith, Denver Broncos - added season 6
In his heyday, this man struck fear in the hearts of many quarterbacks. No one was a better pass rusher.
WR Tim Brown, Oakland Raiders - added season 6
One of the best 3rd down receivers to ever play the game. Brown was sure-handed and never failed to come thru in a pinch. I think it has been said that he could also catch a touchdown pass or two.
Shannon Sharpe, Washington Redskins - added season 6
A man with an attitude. Sharpe could back up his mouth with game. Good position receiver and solid blocker. It may take Washington a while to replace him.
WR Jerry Rice, Cincinnati Bengals - added season 6
Final shot at the  ring but fell short in the big game 31-49. Before coming to the PFL Rice had already broken many NFL records.  Other WRs may play long enough in this league to break Rice's records, but none will have more heart.
Coach: Dave Pelto, Philadelphia Eagles 1st 3 seasons Record: 41-7
Dave can be held up as a model coach. He never complained and always did what was expected and more.  His gameplans were flawless and his play, fair. Dave retired from the league at the start of its 4th season.
  PFL 2K8 Season 2 Awards